About this Web Programmer

My nickname is “Tio” ( long story ) which means “Uncle” in Portuguese..

I’ve been interested on the Web Development area since 2004, when I did my first website which as kind of a joke… it was basically a page, with pictures of my friends from college in dinners/party’s/events and things like that. ( Maybe something I will be courageous enough to put here the link.. )

I started my career as a Web Developer at a company located at the college campus doing mainly web applications for hotels in PHP.

Time passed on, and after 3 years I got bored and angry at management, and moved to another company where I worked as a developer in C#, doing mostly websites and helping with the main product.

After two years, I changed again, looking for better opportunities and trying to return to PHP, and I’m currently at another small company, where I’ve started to work on PHP again, I’m the senior programmer in this company, so it was a big change of pace when I switched.. which is a good thing…

And that’s it for now..

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