My home server, had been having some disk problems, it suddenly didn’t boot up, two of the disks didn’t show up on windows explorer ( yes I used Windows Server 2008 on my home server ).

First stop was to replace the malfunctioning disk, and start using Raid 1 on the OS disk and project files.

So I bought a 2TB Western Digital Disk, and 2 500GB disks to use in Raid 1 ( a Seagate and an Western Digital ), for the OS, project files and mp3 files, yes you’ve read right mp3 files, I for instance can only work when listening to music, so when my disk with all my mp3 failed on me, I had no music to listen and had to recur to youtube and etc. That’s not for me..

And I also bought two APC Back-UPS ES 700VA UPS’s to keep the server and desktop always powered on, and also a Raid 1 Card, a Delock 70154 based on Sil3114 chipset. Since my motherboard has no support for it.

Then came the choice of operating system for the server, I was thinking of keeping Windows Server 2008, I even tried to get a legal copy of Windows Server 2008 R2, but couldn’t find one for free ( trough MSDNAA for instance ), and since a friend of mine was bugging me to install Ubuntu Server for the last year almost every day, I went for it.

First Step was to backup every single piece of data from the old disks, I had around 2TB of data on the several disks, most of it was downloaded TV Series in HD, I even managed to connect the failing disk and save some data from it. The copying of data took a long time, mainly because the cable that connects from the server to the Cable Modem is not capable of Gigabit, one day was spent copying all the data to the desktop.

Second day, start installing the Ubuntu Server on the Fake Raid 1 array, this went really bad, really really bad..

Since I was new to Ubuntu, I didn’t understood why the Raid 1 array wasn’t detected on the installer, but when I configured an Raid 0 array, it was detected flawlessly. I spent to days on this, mainly because I really didn’t know anything about Ubuntu.

Until finally I came up with a solution, based on a very know portuguese quality called “desenrascanço“, it’s a lot like a MacGyver solution, it’s the uncanny ability passed down through the generations to solve any problem with merely a penny and a string. In this the penny and string weren’t used, but you get the point. I will explain how I solved the problem in another post.

One week as passed since I started to try to install the server, and was stopped by this stupid problem.

Afterwords I installed the LAMP stack and samba, samba was easy to setup, read a tutorial here and there and problem solved, the LAMP stack was easy to install but difficult to configure, at least with the right permissions, there was a point, that I didn’t have permissions to change a file created by PHP ( user www-data ) trough windows explorer. But after a nice tutorial I managed to figure it out. It will be explained in detail what I had to do to make it work flawlessly, and transmission also had the same problem.

After almost a month I have the server almost completely functional, the only thing that is missing is the support for the UPS, that should be coming sooner or later, when I have the time to take care of it.

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