… at least for me..

This is a list of the software I use daily to do my work the best way possible, I’m sure that some of you agree, and others do not.. this list is due to change eventually, but at this moment for me this is the best software help me do my work..

1 – Filezilla Client:


The best FTP client that I ever used, and the best of all is that it is completely free.

2 – Adobe Photoshop:

Adobe Photoshop Logo

How can one work on the area of web development and not use Photoshop?! This one is pretty obvious.

3 – Dreamweaver CS4:

Adobe Dreamweaver

I’m kind of letting go this one, I’m starting to use Netbeans for development, the HTML auto complete isn’t as good as Dreamweaver, but it completely kicks ass in PHP. ( Actually Dreamweaver CS5 is a little better on the PHP auto complete… but no quite there.. )

4 – Toad for MySQL:

Toad for MySQL

This is actually a tool that I started using for Oracle ( Toad for Oracle is the best ), and when I found out that they had a free version for MySQL, I downloaded it, and I haven’t been using anything else to do most of the tasks since that day.

6 – DBTools Manager:

Another manager for MySQL, I also really like this one, it’s pretty simple and light ( Toad is a little heavy ), and for remote access to databases I only use this one..

7 – Ultra Edit:

Ultra Edit

Perfect editor for the quick edit, I use it a lot, specially when I want to edit a file remotely, it integrates perfectly with Filezilla.. and doesn’t screw up the encoding of the pages.

8 – MySQL Workbench:

MySQL Workbench

I’ve been using this one for about 6 months ( or more ), it crashes like crazy, and has some annoying bugs, for example in one of the databases I renamed one of the columns of a table, and now every time I sync the model with the database, he drops that field, and recreates it.. can’t figure out why.. he’s just stubborn and buggy.. but it spares a lot of work.. which is always a good thing.

9 – Microsoft Outlook:

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

How are you going to communicate with your clients if you don’t have an email client? Mine actually is quite complex right now, I have 6 email account’s, and they are all going to different mailboxes in Outlook, but still it’s a mess..

10 – Collabtive:


Project Management software, it’s a good and free web based project management software, the only problem is the updates which aren’t quite as frequent as I would like… and they don’t have a public writable repository, and that doesn’t help.

11 – Billy:

Billy - Sheep Friends

Yes, that’s the logo of Billy…

For me this is the most important one, a lightweight mp3 player, I have in the playlist 4376 files and it only occupies 2,8MB of memory. And with all these things open, memory is precious.. and as you can see even the logo is lightweight..

12 – Tortoise Hg, and Tortoise SVN:

Tortoise Hg

How can someone work without source control? I’ve got both of them installed, because I need to checkout the code from Collabtive..

13 – No-ip.com:


Since I have a dynamic IP at home, and I need to have the sites available for the clients to see, I bought a domain at No-IP, and use their tool to let everyone access the sites I’m developing, this way, if I’m on the phone with a client, and can make a small change to the code, push the code to the repository, and the client only has do to a refresh on his browser..

14 – Wamp Server:

Wamp Server

How could I develop something if I don’t have a web server? My choice went to Wamp Server, I used to work with Easy PHP, but after I tried Wamp Server, I’ve never looked back.

15 – Browsers:


And the most important software of the entire list, Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari and Opera, I can’t say that I test everything single thing on them… I usually just have a quick look on Safari and Opera to see if there are no big error’s on the layout..

So there they are, the software that I use daily for my Web Development work, I couldn’t live without them..

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  1. A lista parece-me bem decente, mas não achas que falta aí o VMWARE e como alternativa ao DreamWeaver o Zend Studio ? ;).